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Glass – the ideal packaging for food and beverages

Glass shows off food at its best, tempts the eye before delighting the taste buds. But glass offers values beyond visual appeal. Quality controls and state-of-the-art technology ensure that neither appearance nor taste, aroma or ingredients, however delicate, will be affected by glass packaging. This applies to top brand spirits as well as foodstuffs.

We all know the virtues of glass packaging for foods. Glass can maintain quality over a long storage period whilst showing off the contents at their best. And by reducing waste and saving energy it helps protect the environment.

Stölzle Glass Group offers a wide range of standard products for liqueurs, mini spirits, mini jam jars and spices. In addition, the five European glassworks produce special custom designs for a wide range of products, including responding to customer demands for unique promotional items.

Product range

Stölzle standard containers are ideal for miniature spirits and jams, spices, caviar, pickled foodstuffs and many other items.

Stölzle’s specialty is the manufacture of miniature bottles in white flint, amber and green glass; this has made the glass group a reliable partner for Prestige spirit brands. The smallest miniature spirit bottle currently produced is 20ml with a weight of 25grams.

The Stölzle Glass Group offers a wide range of post-production decorative techniques; these include: single and multi-colour ceramic and organic screen printing, automated acid etching, automated ceramic transfer application, organic spraying and labelling. In addition, Stölzle offers its technical know-how in developing and realising out-of-the-ordinary decorating requirements for special projects.

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