Karl Smola founds the Oberdorf glassworks in Bärnbach on 15th June.


Carl Stölzle founds two glass factories in Lower Austria’s Waldviertel region.


The Oberdorf glassworks become "k.u.k." (imperial and royal) glassworks.


Stölzle manufacturing consists of seven glass factories in Austria, Bohemia and Hungary.


The glass factory in Köflach, Austria is established.


Stölzle employs 1.100 skilled tradesmen, 1.000 labourers and 80 sales agents.


After the end of WWI the Stölzle group of companies disintegrates.


After the end of WWII three glass factories from the former Czechoslovakia are hived off from the group of companies.


The Stölzle Glasindustrie AG and the Oberglas Glashütten AG merge and become the Stölzle-Oberglas AG.


The Stölzle-Oberglas AG is taken over by Dr. Cornelius Grupp (CAG-Holding).


The exhibition “Glass and coal” in the Steiermark region of Austria is held in Bärnbach. Since then, the newly built Stölzle Glass Centre hosts yearly exhibitions about glass.


Purchase of the glassworks Hermanova Hut in the Czech Republic (Stölzle-Union s.r.o.).


Purchase of the glassworks in Knottingley, Great Britain (Stölzle Flaconnage Ltd.)


Change of corporate form from Stölzle-Oberglas AG to Stölzle-Oberglas AG & Co KG.


Purchase of the glassworks in Czestochowa, Poland (Stolzle Czestochowa Sp. z o.o.).


Change of corporate form from Stölzle-Oberglas AG & Co. KG to Stölzle-Oberglas GmbH.


Production in Stölzle-Oberglas GmbH is increased by 3 lines. White flint furnace is converted from recuperative to regenerative melting technique.


Stölzle-Union suffers heavily from a disastrous fire on Christmas Eve.


Solemn inauguration of Stölzle-Union which had risen from the ashes in only 7 months’ time. STU becomes the flagship for the production of pharmaceutical glass within the Group.

Facelift of Stölzle Flaconnage. The most impressive feature is the new Customer Centre. Major investments are made in all aspects of production and decoration.

Foundation of the Sales companies Stoelzle Glass USA Inc, situated in New York, Stolzle France SAS in Paris und Stoelzle Glass LLC in Moscow.


Implementation of a second white flint furnace in Stölzle Czestochowa and major investments in the field of production and decoration.

The mouthblowing factory Oberglas Bärnbach GmbH is transformed into a show glass factory. Most of the employees are taken over to work at the glassworks in Köflach.


Foundation of the Stölzle Gallery as a new center for arts & culture in western Styria. The gallery is situated in the premises of the former mouthblowing factory.

The Stölzle Glass Centre together with the Association  Steirisches Glaskunstzentrum continue to show glassmakers at their traditional work for visitors of the glass museum in Bärnbach.


Acquisition of a French glassworks and decoration site (Stoelze Masnières and Stoelzle Masnières Decoration SAS).


Acquisition of a Polish glassworks in Wymiarki (Stolzle Wymiarki SP. z o.o.).

Automated glass production in Bärnbach, early 20th century

Stölzle-Oberglas Köflach, early 20th century

Royal Visit, H.M. King George VI & H.M. Queen Elizabeth, October 21st. 1937

Mouthblowing factory Stölzle-Oberglas in Bärnbach, 1949

Stölzle Czestochowa, 1969

Kunstfabrik Lipizzanerheimat & Stölzle Gallery (former Oberglas Bärnbach)

Arts workshop in the Kunstfabrik

Stölzle Glas-Center in Bärnbach

Traditional glassmakers in Bärnbach