Pharmaceutical Glass

During Stölzle’s long standing experience as a business partner to producers of pharmaceutical Products, to bottling plants and to pharmacies, the company has gained a reputation not only as a supplier of containers but also as an important element in the supply chain.

Know How & Quality

Due to the strategic importance of its Healthcare business, Stölzle is one of the few manufacturers who produce pharmaceutical packaging glass according to the international ISO GMP 15378 standard, which complies with  ISO 9001. Additional  quality controls such as those based on EU–Pharmacopoeia or US-Pharmacopoeia can be applied upon request. The company is willing to subject itself to further special controls and will issue certificates about heavy metal concentration or microbiological examination results if required.

Most of the production lines dedicated to pharmaceutical glass containers, are equipped with laminar-flow technology so that clean conditions according to  ISO 8 (category 100 000) are achieved. Hence the manufactured containers are microbiologically clean and show a very low number of particles so that sirup and dropper bottles, as well as tablet jars are ready to be used without further cleansing. This results in reducing costs and risks and makes the Stölzle glass containers definitely the first choice pharmaceutical products world wide.  


The Stölzle goal is to work with customers to produce innovative packaging solutions for current market trends that meet customer demands, whether it be for light weight glass bottles, or demanding shapes, as well as specific sealing solutions. Being a one-stop-shop, Stölzle supplies packaging glass which is ready to use including the requested sealing solutions.

Product range

The Stölzle standard product portfolio covers the pharmaceutical industry’s full range of packaging glass: dropper bottles, medicinal and syrup bottles, veral bottles, injection and infusion bottles, tablet jars, ointment jars, and wide mouth packers.

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In addition to standard containers, Stölzle responds to market demands and manufactures a wide range of custom-designed glass containers to customer specifications.

A highly experienced sales team at the Stölzle Medical-Laborglas department in Vienna deals with enquiries for small quantities and demanding specifications.


Jens Fernis

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