Nearly 200 years’ experience in the manufacture of high quality glassware lies behind Stölzle’s range of Tableware settings and upmarket containers. The Stölzle Glass Group is a leading supplier of drinking glasses, water jugs, wine carafes and mugs to the restaurant and hotel industries. A wide range of styles is available from the traditional to modern and fashionable.

Your personalized promotional product

Let Stölzle standard products become your unique promotional items! All standard items can be customized for promotional events through Stölzle’s comprehensive in-house decoration service.

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To each his own

Could you imagine drinking beer from something different than the famous 1 L glass beer mug at the Munich Oktoberfest?

For more than five decades the Stölzle Glass Group has been one of the main suppliers of decorated glass beer mugs to this renowned event. Every year more than 1 million glass mugs are traditionally decorated with the individual emblem of the leading breweries and supplied to the Oktoberfest.

Standard product range

Stölzle Tableware combines aesthetically pleasing shapes with utmost functionality.Hotels and restaurants can be provided with exceptional shapes and unique decorative effects.

Stölzle is only able to sell its Tableware to wholesale customers, not directly to the consumer. Private customers will find Stölzle’s Tableware products in well-sorted glass shops, in the Stölzle Glass-Center as well as in our new webshop.

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Stölzle products can be purchased as well in the Stölzle Glass-Center in Bärnbach

Exceptional glassware for highest enjoyment

The German sister Company, Stölzle Lausitz designs exceptional glassware for highest enjoyment and manufactures its products with state-of-the art technology. Stölzle Lausitz stands for quality and innovation: its lead free crystal glassware is characterised by a high brilliancy, a pleasant tone, an extreme dishwasher and breakage resistance (certified by LGA for 100 dishwashing cycles) as well as an ideal price/quality ratio.

Stölzle Lausitz is specialized in producing machine pulled and melted stems. These crystal clear glasses have neither joint between stem and bowl nor seamlines, with characteristics similar to handmade glasses. Be it wine, sparkling wine, spirits or cocktails - professional design guarantees optimum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass.

Have a look at the Stölzle Lausitz catalogue or visit the Stölzle Lausitz’s website.



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